– Matt Vance

Matt Vance
Director of Research and Analysis – Colorado Region, CBRE

Matt Vance is an Economist with CBRE Econometric Advisors. He is primarily responsible for forecasting various U.S. commercial real estate metrics and is the principal contact for the apartment sector. Matt’s research is grounded in economic theory and designed to support client investment strategy and market positioning. A variety of U.S. media outlets have cited Matt and his work.

Mr. Vance is also responsible for guiding the research efforts within CBRE’s Colorado region. As Director of Research and Analysis, Matt leads the state’s research teams in providing actionable, best-in-class research across both space and capital markets.

Before joining CBRE, Matt held a real estate research position for Real Capital Solutions (RCS), a highly entrepreneurial real estate investment management company that focuses on value-add, opportunistic and high-barrier-to-entry markets. Prior to RCS, Matt worked as an Instructor of economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Mr. Vance lives in Denver, CO and holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He also holds a B.S. with a double major in mathematics and statistics, and a B.B.A. in business economics from Grand Valley State University.

Twitter: @vancenomics

LinkedIn: mattvancecbre